Design Studio

Designed by: Begrand Fast Design Inc


In 2014, the client realized they have outgrown their space and would have to relocate to a larger space fairly soon. Simultaneously, Kelowna’s first all-wood commercial building designed by FACTION PROJECTS had begun construction and the office space had found its new home!

The office interior implements many sustainable and innovative design features. Each design element within the space was addressed with individual intent.


50% of the floor space is covered in INTERFACE NET EFFECTS. A carpet tile line manufactured from recycled fishing nets, collected from beaches and waters of small fishing villages in the Philippines. This provides an alternate source of income for the communities & it helps protect the barrier. We opted for a carpet tile over a rolled good broadloom carpet to increase the longevity of the flooring; we can replace individual tiles when needed instead of the entire area of carpet.



To ensure maximized flexibility and to future-proof the office environment as much as possible, they chose to use DIRTT demountable partitions for the interior partitioning. The DIRTT system utilized a variety of sustainably sourced and aesthetically beautiful elements and finishes including recycled aluminum frames, veneer-wrapped walnut doors and white oak acoustic wall tiles from sustainably-managed forests, recycled-content painted MDF walls panels finished with UV-cured no-VOC paints, locally-sourced tempered glass; the list goes on.



The modularity of the DIRTT walls allows the client to adapt their space to suit their future needs without sending drywall and construction waste to the landfill. When the construction of the building was completed, we managed to install all the interior partitions and DIRTT millwork in 4 days!


A 16sq.ft. DIRTT breathe wall absorbs common toxic indoor chemicals and improves the office’s indoor air quality. Unlike hydroponic living walls which are usually only good for the life of a wall, Breathe is a box-type system that adapts well to changes. Pots and the support structure can be moved around and replaced.


The abundance of natural light meant that less interior lighting was required. Where additional task lighting was required, low-profile, low-voltage LED lights were dropped throughout the space to supplement the daylight. Tinted windows help control the level of light and the amount that the space needs to be cooled/heated.




In an effort to send as little to the landfill as possible, the design concept was developed reusing all of the client’s existing furniture, appliances, and light fixtures. We cut down the legs of a Gus Modern dining table to become their new meeting area coffee table. 3H desks were reconfigured to suit the new layout and we ordered a new BOCCI canopy to switch up the configuration of their existing BOCCI 28 pendants. We used Canadian furniture companies to design a few new pieces including the chartreuse sofa and teal bar stools.


We achieved a cozy sustainable space that felt like working in a high-end home. Somewhere to work hard and at the end of the day enjoy a glass of wine from the Okanagan valley.