Designed by: ADSP


June 2016


Object: New Center of global operations in Magog for Camso


Camso, world leading specialist in the design, manufacturing, and distribution of tires, tracks and tracks systems, has a new building in Magog (Quebec, Canada) housing the center of global operations of the company present on five continents. These new offices occupy a forty thousand square foot three-storied building in addition to a footbridge connected to the existing technology center.

The building’s architecture and design reflect the customer’s willingness to express their innovative and dynamic character while assuming its industrial nature. The concept, therefore, reflects the essence of the brand through the use of raw materials and products, a direct declination of Camso’s values in its new built space.




The building and its interior spaces are used as a tool to create and reflect the company’s values of transparency, including the creation of versatile spaces favoring interaction and creativity. For example, the foyer, a large convivial space conducive to meetings of different types, which opens to the outside to offer a privileged contact with the environment of the region; a present dialogue between the exterior and the interior via the transparency of the envelope.





The front facade is composed of large glazed surfaces to enhance the large open workspaces. Indeed, all the closed offices are located towards the middle of the building in order not to monopolize the fenestration and to allow access to light to all users. Open workspaces are located where natural light is abundant. The simplicity of the organization of spaces and permeability creates an internal circulation that is clear, fluid and ordely. It also optimizes the functionality to meet changing practices of the company, and be able to evolve and grow over the years.



In addition to architecture and design, the firm’s project included creating the indoor signage in order to form a coherent whole reflecting the essence of the company’s branding. Part of user’s everyday life, the data is treated as a one with the building. By a simple strategy and a desire for efficiency, the signage takes the form of pictograms as a communication tool for users of the building. The blue square is used as a basic framework to enable easy identification in space while subtly reminding the brand.




Local artist renowned internationally, Étienne Saint-Amant, has created a custom work of art, which is declined in whole or in part in different artistic variations by the design firm throughout the building. One can see such integration on a 48 square meter glass in the heart of the building. Inspired by the industrial nature of the business itself, the abstract design suggests a number of elements forming part of the day to day at Camso; either the tire and its playgrounds, technology and engineering as well as the branding «road free» values.



Key materials and products suppliers

Armstrong Ceiling solutions
Centura Tile
Acco System
C.R. Laurence co.
Eureka Lighting
Ébénisterie Crystal