Brampton Southwest Quadrant

Designed by: Zeidler Partnership Architects




Located on a key intersection, this addition to the existing City Hall provides a welcoming new civic building with administrative space, meeting rooms for public use, and a strong physical and visual connection to the city that was previously lacking. By linking City Hall to Queen Street, the building intensifies and revitalizes the urban core and reinforces the historic downtown as the ‘heart’ of the City.







Through the use of quality materials and attention to inspiring architectural space, the resulting building showcases Brampton as a vital and contemporary place where civic beauty, the urban landscape, and sustainable design are valued and celebrated.










The building’s unique u-shaped footprint spans portions of two blocks in an organic response to the site and context and allows numerous entrances to the building, with the main entrance and new public open space located on Queen Street. The landscaped entrance courtyard, paved in natural stone and vertically framed by stone walls, reanimates the streetscape and provides a welcoming arrival experience to City Hall. The entrance lobby is a double-height light-filled space with a custom sculptural wall treatment using a rose design referencing Brampton’s identity as the Flower City.




Beyond the lobby is a 3-storey building of publically accessible space, with meeting rooms, cafe, and retail space throughout. A secondary entrance, with a sculpture garden, flows seamlessly into this central space, which includes the interior connection to City Hall. Colour, through the use of translucent red glass walls, marks the building’s secondary entrances and the central connective staircase, a dynamic element further distinguished by a sculptural light fixture. A pedestrian bridge over George Street leads to the new 9-storey office building housing City administrative departments, a staff cafeteria with exterior terraces, and additional public meeting rooms. The bridge itself functions both as a passageway and as a place to spend time at one of the café tables, providing a unique vantage point from which to view the city.




Throughout the building’s public areas, acoustical wood wall panelling is used in various patterns to provide visual texture. Robust vertical window mullions create a pleasing rhythm of light and shadow, and are echoed by the ceiling acoustic baffles. The upper building’s skin is a curtain wall of clear, low-iron insulating glass in a smooth, uninterrupted exterior that emphasizes its transparent and opaque pattern. These full-floor height opaque white panels are also insulating units with a back-painted inner lite so both the colour and reflectivity of the exterior surface is consistent with that of the vision glass. Targeted LEED Gold, the building’s sustainable features include several green roofs, use of materials with a high-recycled material content, energy- and water-efficient systems, and ample natural light.




The building’s form, glazed façades, and multiple entrances connect interior and exterior civic life both visually and symbolically. The building sets an exciting architectural precedent for Brampton’s potential as a vibrant city with an engaging street life. The project upholds the idea that architecture can be an inspiration and catalyst for civic pride and urban renewal.




Key Materials/ Suppliers Credits

»Ruth Shannon, 416-540-5284, [email protected]

Centura TIle
»Elizabeth Livingston, [email protected]

Cervini Painting and Decorating

DC Granite
»905-761-9952, [email protected]

»Robin Ward, 647-244-0581, [email protected]

»Aimee Eden, 905-671-3971, [email protected]

Kinetics Noise Control

Martin Conboy Lighting Design
»Martin Conboy, 613-569-4845, [email protected]

»Mario Botelho, 905-891-9500

Shaw Floors
»Laurie Heathfield, 416-931-4138, [email protected]