Artopex Quebec

Designed by: Lemay



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Artopex, one of Québec’s largest manufacturers of contemporary office furniture, commissioned our team to design its showroom in the historic Old Montréal neighbourhood. Thrilled by the spectacular results that saw an increase in sales, Artopex entrusted our team to create a dedicated space for its showroom in Québec City.

Although this new showroom is aligned with the concept rolled out at the Montréal space, the Québec showroom reflects the distinctive local spirit of its vibrant business community, through a design aesthetic that embellishes Artopex’s corporate brand, vision and values. This was our starting point.






As with the Montréal locale, the project aimed to do more than simply display its products. The goal was to communicate the manufacturer’s history and identity through storytelling: a graphic and spatially-charged narrative thread illustrates the memories created over decades in business while it also emphasizes the quality and distinction of Artopex products. The idea ofterritory emerged as the central theme and was appropriated throughout the interior design.








In this local context, two essential objectives were defined: to highlight Artopex’s atmospheric commercial space inside an early 20th-century building in the St-Roch district, and to accentuate its coveted furniture collection.





The architectural approach was applied in a sober and tasteful manner. An uninterrupted ribbon of landscape images of Québec, whose treatment is deliberately pixelated, accompanies visitors from all vantage points throughout the showroom. These urban, industrial or panoramic photos metaphorically express Artopex’s commitment to the community and to the environment, intrinsic values that make up the company’s DNA. The integrity of the materials in the images interact and mimic the primary materials of natural wood and steel used by the manufacturer, thus the sequenced photos create a dialogue between visitor and manufacturer and product.



Also prevalent in the design concept is a large backlit mural featuring a variety of Artopex products in different stylish office settings across North America, juxtaposed with images of the manufacturer’s artisans in context to their workplace.






Artopex products benefit from a variety of presentations combined with lighting effects offering multiple ambient options. Platforms and podiums of varying heights allow for the appreciation of a product’s finest details. Overall, the store design has the dynamic ability to enhance the architectural experience as visitors glance and prance along the circuitous path.




The new Artopex showroom in Québec City is a destination address for creative displays and quality craftsmanship showcasing modern furniture designs inspired by nature.