734 Saint-Joseph

Designed by: Lemay



It would have been easier to simply ignore this decaying building dating back to 1910. But not for our team who decide to make it its home and turned this outdated building into a modern working environment.

With a collaborative effort from our Quebec team, the 734 Saint-Joseph East, in the heart of Saint-Roch, in Quebec City, was revived and transformed into a trendy office space.

Wrapped in brick, the torn-out building, which originally housed a fur retail store, offered promising possibilities to create an interesting working environment while actively contributing to the revitalization of the neighbourhood.


Establishing its headquarters on the top floor of this 4-storey building, our team not only revived this 4,000-square-foot space but rather truly transformed it into a living environment, showcasing its unique design and architecture expertise. Bound to become our calling card in the city, the office had to be innovative, trendy but, most of all, eco-friendly.



Our first step: repair the crumbling wood frame, or what was left of it, to make sure our office was built on solid grounds. Then, we renovated the exterior envelope, stripping it from any remaining asbestos, to ensure thermal isolation as well as a healthy and comfortable working environment.




Aiming towards a LEED-NC Gold certification, all the electromechanical systems were replaced by the most efficient equipment available and clearly dissimulated within the space to maximize work areas. Water and waste management strategies were applied throughout the building as well as the use of recycled materials.






Representatives of our firm’s values while combining new workplace strategies including flexibility, connectivity and versatility, the new offices foster collaboration among employees, clients and business partners. As it was intended, everybody gathers naturally around the large counter stand in the coffee area to discuss, exchange and even gossip. Nearby, users and clients can easily access the reception, the material library, the diverse meeting rooms and the cafeteria. Bathed in natural light, the open space is inviting and warm, fostering the creativity of our talented professionals. To highlight this century-old building, the materiality throughout the environment remains sober with a minimalist design. By leaving apparent most brick walls and wooden ceilings and beams, the team perfectly combines history with modernity.


Production Credits:
Project Manager: Eric Pelletier, architect, partner, chief creative officer
Lead Designer: Annie Martineau, architect
Team: Annie Martineau, architect; Hélène Couturier

Main Suppliers:
Electromechanical: Ecosystem
Construction: Pomerleau
Lead Expertise: Lemay in collaboration with Ecosystem
Lighting: LumiGroup