Metro Plouffe – Bromont

Designed by: Gestion IDS Design

Stepping up the conventional grocery store concept was the idea behind the design of the Bromont Metro Plouffe. Wishing to create a fresh and modern environment Gestion IDS Design also wanted to provide customers with a grocery shopping experience like no other.

The appeal of this project lies in its contemporary, cleared and graphic style. Its sophisticated look and the quality of its elements give full prominence to the product’s presentation without overpowering them. The layout of the aisles and floor space inspires customers to discover and explore new products, flavours and ideas. The uniquely styled shelves, counters, and other features are arranged intelligently in logical sequence causing the shopping to be a gustative new experience.

The brief for Gestion IDS Design was to design a store by integrating 3 different buildings builted years after years in one and only new building and store. Specialists in commercial spaces, Gestion IDS Design was able to create a very unique commercial environment—the grocery store—by focusing on the needs of customers looking for added value in terms of a sophisticated shopping experience, and came up with a shopping space that is urban and contemporary

A such scale project would not have been a success without the precious collaboration of Sylvain Pomerleau: Architect for ADSP architecture and design, Meubles Busch; commercial woodwork, Corlab and Phillips lighting.