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The Objective
Scalar’s meteoric growth to become a major player in North American IT solutions saw them forced to relocate from their existing building to a nearby site. Scalar needed its space to help articulate and encourage their innovative and collaborative working style.

An open concept workplace, new workstation standard, multi-functional spaces and touch-down stations support changing work styles and diverse employee types.

Flexible and transitional spaces effortlessly accommodate rapid headcount growth as the company expands through acquisition and new business.

Meeting the executive team’s requirement for a larger more all-encompassing town hall space for company-wide meetings, the office is anchored by a bright and flexible space.  Communication between offices nationally is enabled by a seamless IT/AV solution transferred from the previous space and its capabilities significantly upgraded.

In offering top global business online security and cloud-based solutions, Scalar has a need to keep business up-and-running in light of the transfer of hardware and mainframes from one location to another; all transitioned seamlessly during the move.

The Results
Overall Scalar’s new office at One Toronto mirrors in physical space Scalar’s position within the IT industry; driving innovation, promoting comfort and leveraging technology. All achieved within the parameters of a value-conscious budget.

Production Team and Credits:

Mechanical Engineer – Smith and Anderson
Electrical Engineer – Smith and Anderson
Communications – Smith and Anderson

Herman Miller
Shaw Commercial
Ciot Technica

Photography Credit:
Steve Tsai Photography