Art Shoppe Lofts + Condos Sales Centre

Designer: Cecconi Simone

This 6034 s.f. condominium sales centre – encompassing a presentation gallery, a model suite, and a model loft – is housed in a re-purposed furniture showroom on the future site of the building. The deliberate pathway through the centre introduces the project from macro to micro.

The design brief called for a show space that would catalyze the launch of the condominium into the collective imagination of the buying public and the community at large. In addition to being a place to market and sell condominium suites, the sales centre would be designed as a venue for art exhibits, fashion shows, and other cultural events. The intersection of art, fashion, and media would inform visitors’ visual perspective of the project through the space; it would be an ideal canvas for project branding, marketing, and original artwork.

The sales centre design faced some significant challenges. Notably, no entry points or glazing could be moved. Thus they became the starting points for mapping new zoning and sightlines in the current space. Also, the presentation gallery had to accommodate existing beaming. Structural beams with irregular spacing and of varying sizes necessitated some beams to be added and others to be enlarged. The newly-formalized beams were then utilized to wash the ceiling with light from concealed light sources. In this way, the beams were transformed from a liability in the space to a key design element.

The building model is displayed in the sales centre’s oversized, framed picture window overlooking Yonge Street, Toronto’s main thoroughfare, a nod to the framing motif of the condominium’s architecture. The entrance to the sales centre is through a black portal, or “decompression chamber,” a conspicuous intermediary space between streetscape and show space.

The luminous-white, double-volume presentation gallery feels infinite and uplifting. It is layered with cross beams and accentuated with carefully-calibrated indirect and focal lighting. A long bar with a two-storey fireplace is the social hub of the space. Additional seating areas, day beds, sofas, and tables encourage mingling and lingering.

The building model is the focal point of the space, sitting on axis between the picture window on Yonge Street and a large video wall. This uninterrupted line of sight is a metaphor, with Yonge Street representing the present and the building model and video wall the future.




Photography by Shai Gil

Metropolitan Hardwood Floors Inc. (Laminate flooring), The Art Shoppe (Sectional), Odyssey Fireplaces Ltd.(Fireplace), Klaus (Bar Stools), BoConcept Toronto (Chairs: Closing/Finishes Area), Garo Design Group (Pendant)