Belmonte Raw

Designer: Green Tangerine Design
Project Location: Toronto

Belmonte Raw is an belmonte-raw_big2organic raw food and juice bar in the shopping concourse of Toronto’s Exchange Tower, accessible throughout the financial district via the underground PATH pedestrian walkway system.

It distinguishes itself from its nearby subterranean competition by breaking from their prevailing washed-palette look. In its challenging, 680-sq.-ft. L-shaped space, Carrera marble and mahogany countertops play off against a backdrop of black-stained tongue-and-groove planks with polished-brass signage. The bar does double duty as a customer education area. Its exaggerated knife-edge profile, and the foot rail and bag hooks in brass that stand out against the dark bar front, catch the eye of peckish passersby. The stools, with their contoured wood-slab seats, look like a comfortable landing spot.

Music and literature’s underground workers, from the cowering Nibelungs in Wagner’s Das Rheingold to the monster cannibals in H. G. Wells’s The Time Machine, never had it so good.

See the article in the Canadian Interiors September/October 2016 issue.

written by: David Lasker